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For Every Bite: Fine-Dine, Casual Dining Restaurant, Cafe, QSR.

How It’s started

A2D Eats was inspired by Co-Founder Ankit Dangi’s struggle to find vegetarian food in a South Indian village in January 2021. His tech background led him to envision an app recommending the best food options regardless of location. Thus, A2D Eats was born, aiming to revolutionize the food industry through innovative technology. Starting in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, it has grown into a dynamic startup, enhancing dining experiences with personalized food discovery and operational optimization.

Our Mission

A2D Eats aims to revolutionize the food industry with seamless, personalized dining experiences. Our vision bridges traditional dining with modern technology, making food discovery effortless. We empower users and eateries to connect, optimize operations, and enjoy delightful meals. Ultimately, we strive to make food more accessible, enjoyable, and enriching for all.

Meet the team

We’re a rapidly growing diverse team with one thing in common; we’re customer obsessed!

Ankit Dangi

Founder & CEO

Shweta Naruka

Co-founder & CDO

Aman Dangi

Co-founder & CMO

Suman mal


Subhash Shankar

Sales Executive

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212 HRJ, Bhopal Ganj,
Bhilwara, Rajasthan 311001